How to Forward Calls from iPhone to Android

The inability to connect calls between an iPhone and an Android device has surely become quite frustrating. But what if we tell you, you can finally build the bridge between these two worlds when it comes to forwarding calls?

How to Forward Calls from iPhone to Android

Make sure you never miss any important calls after knowing how to forward calls from your iPhone to an Android device.

How to Forward Calls from iPhone to Android

Now you can stay connected between multiple devices at once without worrying about your calls not going through.

1. On your iPhone, open Settings, scroll down, and tap on Phone.

2. Tap on Call Forwarding under CALLS.

3. Turn the toggle on for Call Forwarding, tap on Forward to, and enter the preferred phone number.

And that’s it, now your calls will be forwarded to your Android device.

Why is My Call Not Forwarding?

There can be multiple reasons why your call may not be forwarding:

  • Call-forwarding feature is disabled.
  • Your phone is in airplane mode.
  • You are in a low-connectivity location.
  • Receiver’s phone is facing network issues.

Why Doesn’t My iPhone Have a Call Forwarding Option?

Your phone settings are not automatically set from your device but vary according to your carrier. Therefore, get in touch with your specific carrier to activate your feature if you cannot see the option under your settings.

What is the Call Forwarding Code Number Before Dialling?

You can use the code *72 or *21 if your carrier is T-Mobile or AT&T before entering the phone number of the person whose call you wish to forward to directly enable the feature.

Can I Forward Calls from My iPhone to Multiple Android Devices?

No, you can typically only forward calls to one number at the same time from an iPhone. You can use third-party call forwarding services or apps for more advanced call routing options.

Do I Need a SIM Card in an iPhone to Forward Calls to Android Device?

Yes, in most cases, you need an active SIM card in your iPhone to enable the call-forwarding feature.

Will Forwarding Calls from iPhone to Android Devices incur Additional Charges?

Yes, depending on your cellular network provider and your service plan, call forwarding may cost some additional charges. Therefore, it is advisable to check with your network provider to know if your plan incurs any potential fees for call forwarding.

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We hope you can now forward calls from iPhone to Android devices with just a few taps.