Oracle Updates Database Technology for AI Chatbots


On Thursday, Oracle rolled out an update to its database technology geared towards enhancing its compatibility with artificial intelligence systems. Dubbed Oracle Database 23ai, the update introduces features aimed at facilitating the integration of chatbots and other AI platforms with corporate data systems.

This update incorporates “vector search” technology, enabling the Oracle database to be queried based on concepts or ideas expressed in natural human language, rather than relying solely on keyword matching.

According to Juan Loaiza, Oracle’s executive vice president of mission-critical database technologies, this advancement simplifies the process of searching for data, particularly for complex queries with numerous requirements or conditions.

Loaiza highlighted the utility of vector search technology for handling intricate queries. For instance, in a scenario where a user is searching a database of used cars and specifies preferences such as vehicle type, mileage, color, and optional features like heated seats, the traditional database approach might struggle to accurately interpret the user’s intent.

Oracle plans to offer this database technology on its cloud computing service and through its cloud database partners, including Microsoft. However, specific details about its availability for companies to deploy in their private data centers have not yet been disclosed.