Google Pulls Down Documentation Containing Parameters For Search Ranking


Google has pulled down its documentation, which specified what parameters the company uses for generating and ranking Search results, after accidentally publishing it on GitHub. According to a report online, the American technology giant had published “Google API Content Warehouse” documentation on GitHub platform on March 27 and pulled it back on May 7.

The documentation, reportedly, had information that was meant for the company’s employees and was published accidentally. This “Google API Content Warehouse” had internal API documentation that detailed various components that Google uses to generate Search results for its search engine.

The document was reportedly 2,500 pages long and even included details about outdated models, however, it may have included information about the Search system that Google still uses.

The report stated that the document contained data that show the factors that Google Search model takes into consideration when organising the sequence of results on the Search result page for a user’s query. However, it did not reveal the weightage of each factor that determines the Search ranking.

Report also stated that people who are working in the field of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) have complained that the document contradicts the publicly available data on how Google Search works. Google has not yet issued a statement addressing the incident.

Google at its annual developer conference “I/O” announced that it is integrating artificial intelligence into Search with AI overviews. Previously known as Search Generative Experience (SGE), Google’s AI Overviews in Search generates a summary on top of the Search results page, offering a quick overview of the topic along with relevant links to websites. However, the rollout of this new technology has been far from smooth, generating inaccurate summaries and false information.