X Introduces Grok AI-powered ‘Stories’ Features to Premium Users

Grok AI

Social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, has introduced a new feature called “Stories,” powered by Grok AI. This feature allows users to access summaries of trending posts on the platform. Currently, it is exclusively available to X premium subscribers using the iOS and web versions, with plans for Android support in the future.

In an announcement from the official X Engineering account, they shared: “Exciting news: Introducing Stories on X, powered by Grok AI. Explore what’s buzzing in the world with Stories on X, curated by Grok. Now accessible to Premium subscribers in the Explore tab. Available on Web & iOS for now – we eagerly await your feedback.”

What are X Stories?

X Stories, powered by Grok AI, deliver concise summaries of top news stories to keep users informed. This feature is located within the ‘For You’ section of the ‘Explore’ tab on the X app for iOS and the website. Alongside other recommended content, the ‘For You’ page now showcases popular news stories circulating on X. When users tap on a story, instead of conventional text from the article, a summary is generated based on the conversations surrounding it, courtesy of Grok AI.

What is Grok AI?

Grok AI, introduced by Elon Musk in December, functions as an AI chatbot. Like other AI-powered chatbots, Grok chatbot on X is susceptible to errors and may provide inaccurate information. As a precaution, a disclaimer appears at the end of each story, advising users to verify Grok’s outputs due to its potential for mistakes.

Previously, X had a feature called Moments, which relied on human moderators to create news summaries. This feature was discontinued after Musk assumed control in late 2022. The new Stories feature represents a similar concept, now utilizing AI-driven content generation. It’s anticipated that this feature will attract more premium subscribers to X and enhance user engagement on the platform.