Apple Is On The Verge Of Finalizing A Deal With FIFA For TV Rights To A New Tournament


The soccer’s global governing body FIFA is on the verge of finalizing an agreement with Apple to grant the tech giant worldwide television rights for a new month-long club tournament.

The deal, anticipated to be announced this month, is estimated to be valued at around $1 billion, significantly lower than FIFA’s initial projection of $4 billion. Citing insights from three individuals familiar with the matter, the report highlights Apple’s potential dominance in the streaming business as it competes with other service providers to secure rights for highly anticipated sporting events, aiming to bolster subscriber numbers.

Should the agreement materialize, it would mark FIFA’s first-ever single worldwide contract. However, concerns have been raised by senior executives at FIFA regarding the possibility of “free-to-air rights,” which could limit event accessibility to subscribers of Apple TV+. It remains unclear whether such rights are included in the deal.

Additionally, sponsors have hesitated to commit to the $150 million sponsorship packages FIFA is seeking. The tournament, featuring 32 teams, is slated to take place next year from June 15 to July 13. Notably, this timeframe typically avoids major events to allow players a rest period in the off-season preceding the World Cup.

Criticism has emerged from players’ unions regarding FIFA’s decision-making process, with complaints about a lack of consultation prior to event announcements.

In response to us’ request for comment, a spokesperson for FIFA stated, “As a general practice, FIFA does not confirm or deny commercial discussions,” while Apple declined to provide a statement.