The Best Countries in Latin America For Graduates


Brazil and Chile have strengthened their domination of the top universities in Latin American, according to the university rankings from QS Global.

Brazil has two of the top four institutions in the rankings, and Chile is once again home to the number one university.

Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (UC), holds on to the number one spot, with Brazil’s Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP) in second position.

Colombia and Mexico have also done well, with Colombia having four institutions in the top 20 listing and Mexico two in the top 10. However, it is the success of Brazil and Chile that is the real story.

“Universities from Mexico, Argentina and Colombia excel in specific areas, but they currently lack the all-round consistency of the top institutions from Brazil and Chile,” said QS head of research Ben Sowter.

“High student-to-faculty ratios are an issue at several major public research institutions throughout region,” he added.

More than twenty countries feature in the rankings, including Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and El Salvador.