How to Apply For Canadian Passport For Your Children

Canadian Passport

If you already have a Canadian passport, it means you are a citizen of Canada that has stayed for 16years and above. Although children below the age of 16 years also require a Canadian passport to travel in and out of Canada.

The passport issued to children have a different duration from others as it lasts for about 5years after which you will be expected to apply for another one as it cannot be renewed.

Since the child is below 16years, the parent or guardian will be the one to apply for the passport as children above 16years must apply for their own passports.

Let’s look at some of the requirements and documents needed to get the Canadian passport for your child.

Requirement and Documents

  • You must have a proof of Canadian citizenship
  • You must have a valid document that authenticates your identity
  • You must show proof of parentage or legal guardian
  • You must have two identical passport photographs
  • You must have your application form signed within the past 12 months and duly certified by a guarantor
  • You must have a valid and recent Canadian travel document issued to you in your name

Some other documents may be required like the language test result and if not written in English or French which is the official Canadian language, you will have to submit it along with a proper translation.

Who Is A Guarantor?

For someone to stand as a guarantor for your child, he or she must be above 18years and also be aware that you have a child for at least two years; it can be a family member or a person you trust. There is a section of the application form where the guarantor will have to sign and duly write on your passport photos and photocopies of any identity documents.

Can A Parent Be A Guarantor For A Canadian Passport?

You cannot sign as a guarantor for a Canadian passport if you are a parent or a legal guardian of the child you want to get the passport for.

How Do You Submit Your Documents?

You must make sure that you have the original copies of all your documents before you submit but you can submit the photocopies if it is duly signed by your guarantor.

You should know that if you submit your original documents, you will get them back after your application has been reviewed and you can submit these documents in person or by mail.

Let’s look at some of the fees for passport…

  • 5-year adult passport – $120
  • 10-year adult passport -$160
  • Child passport (0-15 years old) – $57

How Long Does It Take To Apply For Canadian Passport For My Child?

Well, the normal processing time for getting a new passport is around 20 working days after you must have submitted the application with the necessary supporting documents. Both parents are required to be present in obtaining the passport for the child and to sign the application form.

Does The Child Need To Be Present When Applying For The Canadian Passport?

Since the child is not up to 16years, the parent is the applicant and so the child doesn’t need to be present when the parent submits the application.

Final Note

You must have seen that getting a Canadian passport is quite easy and with the information we have given you in this article, you can go ahead to apply for a Canadian passport for your child and get it in 20 working days.