How to Apply for Canadian Passport?

Canada and United State Passport

Canada just like every other countries employ the use of e-passport for its citizens. This a 36 page book with a data chip. This book contains the basic information and every other details that could be used to identify the traveler.

Traveling from one country to the other as a Canadian citizen requires you to have your own passport which will serves as your means of identification. You need to provide immigration officers of any country you’re going to with your passport which will be thoroughly vetted for proper identification.

One of the distinct benefit of a Canadian passport is the fact that you’re able to travel to over 115 countries of the world without a visa.

Benefits of Canadian Passport

  • Serve as a means of identification thereby reducing false identity and theft
  • Used only by Canadian citizens
  • It helps in identification of a traveler’s origin and destination
  • Enhanced privacy protection

Canadian Passport Application Requirement

Before you can apply for a Canadian passport, you need;

  • Valid proof of Canadian citizenship
  • A valid means of identification
  • Two passport photograph
  • Application form duly filled and signed by your guarantor
  • Language proficiency test results may also be required

Steps to Apply for your own Canadian Passport

Before you can apply for a Canadian passport for yourself, you must be well over the age of 16 years. Although, parent and guardians can apply for their wards. Below are some of the steps to take to apply for your passport

  • Download the application form here
  • Correctly fill our your details on the form while appending your signature as required
  • Attach all documents required to the form (2 passport photographs and others)
  • Get 2 references and a guarantor that will help in the confirmation of your identity
  • Submit your application to the appropriate office
  • Pick up your new passport