How to Get Your TikTok Account Unbanned

Feeling frustrated because your TikTok account got suspended, leaving you cut off from your followers? It’s disheartening, especially if you rely on it for business or have a large audience.

How to Get Your TikTok Account Unbanned

But fear not! In this article, you’ll discover how to lift the ban on your TikTok account and resume sharing your content on your reinstated profile.

How to Get Your TikTok Account Unbanned

If you’ve spent a significant amount of time creating and curating content on your TikTok account, a ban can result in the permanent loss of your videos, memories, and creativity. It can be stressful for content creators who have invested a lot of effort into their profiles.

Quick Answer

Let’s see quick steps to get your TikTok account unbanned:

1. Open the TikTok app.

2. Tap on Profile.

3. Access Settings and privacy via the Hamburger icon.

4. Choose Report a problem.

5. Search and select Account and profile.

6. Fill in the details and Submit the report.

If you think your account was suspended by mistake, you can get your TikTok account unbanned by following these given methods.

Method 1: Appeal Ban via TikTok Inbox

If you have received the notification stating Your account was permanently banned, you can follow the upcoming steps to appeal that ban:

1. Open the TikTok app on your Android or iOS mobile device.

2. Tap on the Inbox tab from the bottom navigation bar.

3. Locate the ban notification and tap on Appeal.

4. Follow the onscreen instructions to appeal the ban.

Method 2: Report Issue to TikTok Support Team

If your TikTok account is temporarily suspended, you can wait for 24-48 hours. If your account isn’t recovered within this time frame, you can contact the TikTok support team by following these steps:

1. Open the TikTok app on your phone.

2. Tap on the Profile tab from the bottom navigation bar.

3. Tap on the Hamburger icon > Settings and privacy option.

4. Swipe down and tap on Report a problem.

5. Tap on the search bar.

6. Type and tap on the result for Account and profile.

7. Then, tap on No from the Is your problem resolved? section.

8. Tap on Need more help?

9. Enter the following details in the respective fields.

  • Username
  • Phone number or email
  • Location, Phone Model, Account Creation Date

10. In the Description box, write recover deleted TikTok account request.

11. Lastly, tap on Submit to hand in the report and start the process to unsuspend your TikTok account.

Method 3: Submit Appeal via Feedback Form

If you believe your account suspension was done erroneously, you can make an appeal by following these steps:

1. Visit the TikTok feedback form page on your browser.

2. Enter your TikTok email address and username in the corresponding fields.

3. Then, select the Topic as Account ban/suspension.

4. From the Tell us more drop-down menu, select any of the suitable reasons:

  • Livestream
  • Banned account (not age-related)
  • Banned account (age-related)
  • Other

5. In the How can we help box, enter the account unbanning request.

6. Add desired screenshots and mark the agreement checkboxes.

7. Lastly, click on Submit.

Once you have successfully submitted the appeal, wait for the TikTok team to respond to your appeal.

Method 4: Contact TikTok Support via Email

If you can’t log into your TikTok account, you can directly reach out TikTok support team by sending an email directly to the email address given below:

Once you have sent an email to any of the following email addresses, wait for their response. If your account data has not been deleted from their system, there is a high chance you could unsuspend your TikTok account.

How to Contact TikTok About Banned Account?

If TikTok has mistakenly suspended your account, and you believe you didn’t break any community guidelines, you can recover it and keep creating content. Just follow the methods listed above from the previous section to do so.

How Long Will My TikTok Account Be Suspended?

The duration of a TikTok account suspension depends on the reason behind the suspension and the severity of the policy violation.

  • One of the common suspensions that many users face is temporary account suspension which happens when a user commits a minor offense, which typically lasts for up to 24 hours. During that period, the user will not be able to go live on TikTok.
  • On the other hand, if the user has committed a major offense, they may receive a message stating that their account is currently suspended. In this case, the suspension can last for up to 7 days. However, unlike temporary suspension, users can still post live videos and let their followers know about the suspension.

We hope you have learned how to get your TikTok account unbanned through this article. By following the given methods, you’ll be back to creating, sharing, and entertaining on TikTok once again.