Google to Let Users Share Passwords With Family Group: Here’s How it Works

google password manager

With its May 2024 update, Google is letting users share passwords with the members of their own family, making it easier for everyone in the household to access passwords for shared services. The feature will be available once the users download the latest version of the Google Play Services from the store.

This feature is accessible for anyone who has a Google account. Google’s password manager is available on mobile, desktop and Macs and works through Chrome browser.

The only requisite for this feature is to have a family group set up with Google and details will be shared with only them. This feature can only be used for people who are part of the family group and they will receive a copy of the password in their Google Password Manager.

In comparison to the usual password sharing function, this is a safer feature as the details are being shared exclusively with the family group which currently allows up to 6 members only.

Here is how to use the feature:

  • To access Password Manager, tap the three dots in the top right corner on Chrome app.
  • Select settings and then select passwords
  • Google will ask if you want to share a copy of your password.  Once selected, a share   sheet will display the names of family members accompanied by their profile images.
  • You can choose the name you want to share the password with and tap the share button.
  • This will allow family members to automatically fill the details when they use Password manager and gain access to the account.
  • This feature is currently working in beta  for select users, as reported by Financial Express and is not available for the desktop version of Chrome.