WhatsApp Rolls Out Chat Filters On iOS, Android: What It Is, How It Works

WhatsApp Rolls Out Chat Filters On iOS, Android

WhatsApp is adding chat filters to help users find their conversations more easily, without needing to scroll through everything in their inbox.

The messaging platform, owned by Meta, says these filters will speed up the process of finding unread messages and groups. The feature is gradually being rolled out across all platforms, including the Android and iOS smartphone apps.

There are three filters users can choose from at the top of their inbox:

  1. All: This shows all messages by default.
  2. Unread: This filter only displays messages that haven’t been read yet, making it easier to prioritize responses.
  3. Groups: This organizes all group chats in one place, simplifying the process of finding specific group conversations.

These filters are new to WhatsApp. Additionally, the platform offers a search option that allows users to search for chats by date. This feature was previously available on iOS and has now been introduced to Android as well.

By using this date filter within chats, users can select a specific date and view all messages sent from that day onwards. This search feature isn’t limited to just text messages; it also includes media, links, and documents shared on a particular date.