Google Brings New Artificial Intelligence-Powered Updates to Advertisements


At a recent Google Marketing Live event, the tech giant unveiled its latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools tailored to empower merchants in enhancing brand and product marketing. Among the innovations introduced are:

  • A new profile option designed specifically for e-commerce brands, aimed at refining their online presence.
  • Integration of generative AI features to optimize product imagery, enhancing their effectiveness.
  • Introduction of new immersive ad formats for a more engaging advertising experience.

Vidhya Srinivasan, Vice President and General Manager of Ads at Google, emphasized the significance of these advancements in catering to advertisers’ needs and opening up new avenues in marketing. The generative AI technology, in particular, promises scalability and innovation across the marketing spectrum.

In the upcoming update, advertisers will gain access to enhanced shopping ads featuring immersive visuals such as virtual try-on and AI-generated 3D spinning ads. Moreover, a forthcoming feature will enable shoppers to explore product videos, summaries, and related items directly from the advertiser.

Additionally, advertisers will have the ability to generate diverse asset variations by providing font and color guidelines, along with image reference points. Google is also rolling out new image editing capabilities, allowing advertisers to adapt to various formats, sizes, and orientations with ease.

In a bid to enhance user experience, Google will commence testing search and shopping ads in AI overviews for U.S. users. These ads will be clearly labeled as ‘sponsored’ and will appear when relevant to both the user query and the content within the AI overview.

Furthermore, Google is introducing novel advertising formats tailored for brands and retailers. Among these is a feature enabling brands to link short-form product videos or creator videos to their Google advertisements, initially available as a closed beta later this year.

Moreover, Product Studio will equip brands with the ability to generate captivating videos from a single photo. With a simple click, brands can animate elements of static product images, creating engaging short videos or playful product GIFs for social media platforms.