WhatsApp Now Allow Community Members to Create Events and Reply to Announcements

WhatsApp Community

Meta’s CEO has unveiled exciting additions to WhatsApp Communities. Mark Zuckerberg, on his WhatsApp Channel page, shared that members can now organize events within their groups and directly respond to admin announcements.

Zuckerberg emphasized that these enhancements aim to facilitate both virtual and in-person gatherings, fostering stronger community connections.

The new event creation feature empowers group members to schedule and manage gatherings. Participants can RSVP to events, which will be prominently displayed on the group’s information page. Automated notifications will keep attendees informed as the event approaches.

Initially, the “Events” feature will roll out to Community-affiliated groups, with availability expanding to all WhatsApp groups in the coming months.

Furthermore, WhatsApp now enables Community members to engage directly with admin announcements. This functionality fosters streamlined communication, allowing admins to gather valuable feedback within the announcement groups.

To enhance clarity and organization, replies within announcement groups will be grouped together and collapsed, ensuring members can easily navigate conversations. Notifications for replies within these groups will be muted to minimize disruptions for all participants.