How to Disable Comments on YouTube

Apart from sharing videos on YouTube, users can also interact with these videos via comments. YouTube allows users to give feedback or start discussions regarding the videos via comments.

How to Disable Comments on YouTube

But, sometimes the criticism in the comments is unexpected and horrible. Here comes in handy the disabling feature for YouTube comments. This manual will explain how to disable comments on YouTube.

How to Disable Comments on YouTube

YouTube permits content makers to turn off comments on their YouTube channels to avoid unnecessary gossip and have more control of the chat in the comment box. There are different methods to forbid viewers from posting remarks on any video.

Option 1: Turn Off Comments on Previous Videos

Disabling comments for past videos on YouTube is a straightforward process including the steps below:

  1. Access YouTube Studio on YouTube by clicking your profile.
  2. Choose the Content option from the left panel.
  3. Select the video for which you want to disable the comments.
  4. Select Show More from the newly opened tab.
  5. Navigate down to Comments and Ratings and turn it Off.
  6. Click Save to confirm turning off the comments for the video.

Option 2: Turn Off Comments for New Videos

You can disable the comments for your new uploads by following the steps below:

  1. Access YouTube on your desktop browser, then go to your profile symbol and click it.
  2. Choose YouTube Studio from the menu and navigate to Settings in the left panel.
  3. A new window opens up. Select Community from the left panel in this window.
  4. Now, press the Defaults tab from the upper bar and navigate to comments on your channel.
  5. Click on the Off beneath the comments on your channel section, then, click Save.

Option 3: Turn Off Comments While Uploading a Video on YouTube

You can also turn off comments during a new upload on YouTube. With this method, comments are disabled in advance for the latest videos. Implement the steps below for this:

  1. Go to YouTube on a web browser.
  2. Navigate to your channel and click on the Upload icon to add a new video.
  3. Select the video from your desktop storage.
  4. Once uploaded, click Show More from the video details.
  5. Navigate to Comments and Ratings.
  6. Turn the radio button on for the Off option.
  7. Then click next and upload your video on YouTube.

How to Disable Comments on YouTube on Android Device

You can deactivate comments for your videos on your Android device too. For this method:

  1. Access the YouTube Studio app on your device and tap the Content icon to open your uploaded videos.
  2. Tap the three vertical dots beside the pre-existing video.
  3. Now, tap Edit video, then tap More options.
  4. Tap Comments from the list and select the Off option.

YouTubers can easily leverage the above-mentioned methods on how to turn off comments on YouTube.